Lily Housing Project provides supported housing across Dorset for vulnerable homeless young people aged 16-21


We offer supported accommodation across Dorset, specialising in supporting vulnerable and homeless young people in a flexible and individualised way that promotes independence and positive emotional health and wellbeing.

Utilising our strong understanding, experience, and total commitment to delivering positive outcomes, we have offered specialised provisions for high-level vulnerability and high-risk young people for over 18 years. Keeping our residents safe whilst building towards a planned move-on into independent living through engagement, participation and clear communication and boundaries outlines the key building blocks within our approach and organisation.

Through person-centred support, we empower young people to develop social, emotional and functional skills as they live in safe, secure and high-quality settings. Our young residents have the space they require to grow, enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem and develop the life skills required to live independently, whether that is for the first time or following a sudden or significant change in their personal circumstances.

In 2021, Lily Housing Project, Lily Residential Services and Lily Staffing Solutions separated into three stand-alone companies, opening our first residential children’s home in Weymouth. This exciting opportunity allows us to increase our level of provision and provide care for children from the age of 12.  

Mission, vision, ethos

Despite Lily Services operating as three individual entities, we always put our residents first, building little communities that our residents are proud to call home.

Our mission:

To provide children and young people with an understanding, respectful and supportive environment, whilst inspiring confidence to learn, grow and achieve an independent and fulfilled life.

Our vision:

To be the leading provider of children’s homes and supported accommodation for young people, where residents can overcome their fears and vulnerabilities, feel a sense of belonging and reach their fullest potential upon their pathways to independence.

Our ethos:

Our ethos is focused on developing children and young people’s independence, offering asset-based support, and working towards moving people on to live improved independent lives or back within the family home.

To successfully achieve this, we strive to meet the following commitments:

  • To house, support and empower vulnerable children and young people.
  • To provide friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff who help inspire, educate and problem-solve, so our residents can take appropriate steps towards move-on in a safe and measured manner.
  • To provide high quality person-centered support to children and young people in an environment that is safe, secure, respectful and homely.
  • To allow our children and young people with the time and understanding they deserve and support them to grow their individuality, confidence and personality.
  • To support our residents to move-on to independent living or return to their family home in a timely and supportive way.

Lily Services has four standards that staff must always adhere to. These standards are fundamental values our teams promise to uphold and help form our company code of conduct.


Understanding and valuing our roles and responsibilities within our projects and our homes and of those we work with from other organisations. Avoiding blaming others and being prepared to be adaptable, stepping up when needed to support young people and the wider team. Actively promoting Lily Services’ ethos to the wider community and key stakeholders in a professional manner.


Valuing different points of view and opinions. Accepting that we all make mistakes and understanding how we learn from them and move on that is important. Learning from both success and mistakes to ensure the high standards of Lily Services are maintained, whilst also improving and developing as professionals.


Regarding and treating residents and colleagues as we would wish to be treated. Accepting, promoting and upholding the rights of others who have different beliefs and backgrounds. Respecting the aims and ethos of the organisation to achieve the best outcomes for children and young people.


Communicating clearly, concisely, and professionally with all stakeholders in planning and developing the services provided by Lily Services. Working collaboratively as part of a team in maintaining and taking forward the ambitions of the project; and understanding the strength in working together to break down the barriers between those who use the services and those who provide them.

Where are we

Lily Services provides supported housing for vulnerable young adults, registered children’s homes for young people aged 12-17, and staffing opportunities across Dorset.

Having grown steadily over the last 20 years, Lily Housing Project we now operate 6 semi-supported residences for vulnerable young adults, whilst Lily Residential Services is in the process of registering three children’s homes.

Over this time, we have specialised in providing person-centred support and continually adapted to the ever-changing needs of children and young adults growing up in the care-system or who are extremely vulnerable to homelessness. Over this time, Lily Services has supported many young people, forming unforgettable bonds in the process.

Under Lily Staffing Solutions, we provide high-quality and highly skilled staffing for the health and social care and housing sectors in Dorset. With a bank of highly skilled, highly trained care and support staff, we can provide your business with the temporary solution you need. We have utilised our varied experience across housing and social care sectors to provide a professional service and high-calibre clientele. We have hours available within our projects at the locations below.

We work with

At Lily Services, our goal is to support our young residents to become independent, contributing members of society.  

We pride ourselves on supporting young people to unlock their true potential, set bigger goals and achieve their aspirations. Every child or young person that we support is treated and respected as a valued individual. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach within our projects and homes.

The support a young person receives is carefully planned, but most significantly, discussed and agreed too. Our residents are actively encouraged to make their own decisions about the care they receive.

We work with children and young people who:

  • Have mental health issues, including self-harm
  • Have experienced (or are experiencing) family or relationship breakdowns
  • Have attachment difficulties – following emotional abuse and neglect
  • Have experienced physical abuse
  • Have mental health issues, including self-harm
  • Have experienced sexual abuse
  • Have experienced sexual exploitation
  • Have difficulties managing substance abuse and addiction
  • Have issues surrounding aggression or sexually harmful behaviours
  • Have Autism and/or learning disabilities

We work with local authorities and commissioners:

We work closely with the placing authorities to put together robust care packages, support plans and risk assessments. Individually centred to the needs of the person, ensuring each child and young adult residing at Lily Services receives the help, guidance and support required to reach their fullest potential.

Move-on support:

Lily Services operates with total commitment to each young person and child in our care. Whether ensuring a happy transition back into the family home or a successful move to your own flat, we do all we can to ensure the move-on is a success. We make clear recordings of all developments, achievements and progress made and that care-leavers have the tools to live a healthy, safe, independent life.

As part of this commitment, we continue to offer a support programme to our care leavers for a further six weeks to ensure their initial safety and development in the wider community. All recordings follow strict GDPR guidelines and will be stored following our data protection policy. This policy can be accessed upon request of the client and placing authority.

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The Lily Housing Project, Lily Residential Services and Lily Staffing Solutions’ central offices can be found at:

South Terrace House, Upper Offices 6,
Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 1DE
Tel: 01305 239800

Our head office is open Monday - Friday 8:30 - 4:30

If you require further information about referrals, please see our referrals page.

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